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5 reasons why you should maintain your hedges in Winter

1. To preserve their shape: Hedges need to be trimmed regularly throughout the year to maintain their neat shape. Regular winter trimming will keep them looking tidy and prevent overgrown, misshapen hedges that detract from the aesthetic of your garden.

2. To prevent disease: Pruning hedges during winter can help prevent the spread of disease. Dead foliage and branches can act as a breeding ground for fungus and other pests, so removing them will help keep your hedges healthy.

3. To promote growth: Regular trimming during the winter encourages new growth. This can help your hedges to be fuller and thicker, giving them a more attractive appearance.

4. To encourage flowering: Many hedges are grown for their flowers, such as roses and holly. Pruning during winter will help encourage new growth and thus more flowers when spring arrives.

5. To protect from frost: Hedges can be damaged by frost, so regular trimming during the winter can help prevent this. Trimmed hedges are less likely to be affected by extreme cold and can be better protected from winter weather.

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