We can offer different types of pruning to suit different situations for your trees.

When pruning we use a combination of ‘target’ and ‘drop-crotch’ pruning which gives the best results in terms of tree health, overall natural shape and long term cost.

Other more traditional forms of pruning (lopping and Topping) lead to branch die back and shock growth which will require more regular maintenance, cost and corrective pruning in many cases.


Crown thinning is a way of letting more light though the crown of a tree and usually the least damaging to the tree long term


Pollarding is a way of keeping a fairly large tree in a confined environment. Pollarding must start when the tree is still a sapling and should be done regularly through the trees life.


A crown reduction is where the whole tree is reduced in height and width.  This can be done to make the tree more aesthetically pleasing, or reduce the overall weight in the canopy.