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Stumps are notoriously hard to remove; roots lock the stump in place, and it is almost impossible to break them up with an axe or even powered tools. 

So you might then be wondering why you should even consider removing a tree stump?

Firstly an ugly stump can detract from the beauty of your garden, and can also get in the way of mowing your grass.

Secondly stumps can get in the way of renovations. If you are planning on doing some landscaping, or maybe adding an extension to your property, then a stump that wasn't an issue before might now be blocking your plans.

Stumps will take years to break down naturally therefore we offer a quick and easy way of removing stumps completely.

We can remove all stumps using specialised grinding machinery. In addition to large stump grinders that can remove the biggest tree stumps, we also have a narrow access stump grinder that can fit through  garden gates and doorways, meaning we can remove stumps in any garden. 

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